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What's New - Las Sendas Office Building (Mesa, AZ)


    A floor plan for executive office suites on the top floor of the building has been completed by Dietz Designs. Frank Nicholson is the new listing real estate broker currently marketing both the executive office space on the top floor and the 2 shell office units on the bottom floor.


    Photos during construction are constantly being updated. The grading and excavation, curbs, gutters and concrete walkways, foundations, walls, floors, and roof are completed. The building is framed in, and the air conditioning units are installed on the roof. The windows are being installed, along with roof tiles, and exterior stucco and stone. Then the parking lot and landscaping will be completed.


    The Condo Plat Map has been approved and recorded so the property has now officially changed from a 1.5 acre parcel to 4 legal condominium properties and a condominium association owning the common elements.


    All Partners are updating their respective financial information for permanent financing to pay off the construction loan and complete the executive office suites improvements.